DENKO International Transportation

Our company based in Denizli, which is active in transportation and logistics sector, carries export products of the region to European countries. Our company, which has a branch in Izmir, aims to be able to meet the needs of the region.

Since the years when we started our sector, we are moving our products of Denizli and our regions in a fast way to every region of Europe every day of the week. We are one of the transportation companies sought in our city with the customer satisfaction, the quality and the confidence we have given.

We operate in an area of ​​23 thousand square meters with a total area of ​​a thousand square meters indoor storage and an administrative building. We provide services with a total of 75 vehicle fleet including 25 vehicles. In total we employ 50 people in our company. With Merbay Customs, our subsidiary, we continue our customs operations in Denizli and Izmir. We can provide services in all kinds of sectors.

In the area of customs clearance, we serve nearly 300 companies, including Denizli and Izmir. Merbay has 50 employees in Customs.


Why Choose us

Safe Business

In order to improve ourselves continuously, we offer a solid business by raising the quality and variety of services.

Global Dimension Service

We offer a global, reliable and strategic solution partnership with innovative and professional working understanding.

Privacy Policy

In relation to our customers, we are transparent and objective based on the "privacy principle" and provide resources when necessary.

Customer Happiness

We offer solutions in line with customer needs and keep service quality at the highest level.

Working with a System

As a whole company we have adopted systematic work. We give you the best result.

24 Hours Tracking

Thanks to our professional team, we are able to follow your cargo 24/7 and concentrate on your work.

  • Export
    • Exporter is a natural or legal person who is tax-liable in the actual method, registered in the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and does not have an obstacle to export according to other laws. The exporting firm will fill in the form that it has prepared for the country to export from the rooms. Apply to the Room for a petition by adding the bill for the goods going abroad and after confirming the necessary documents, the documents are certified. Companies exporting goods falling under the scope of Exporters' Associations must be members of Associations. These goods can not be exported without having a document of association.

  • Project Management
    • In the project management framework, which Denko considers to be the foundation of his business, Denko takes care of and carries out the solutions carefully created for each customer. The scope, objectives, targets, success criteria and responsibilities of the project are defined to the finest detail. The most efficient management of resources is ensured in order to meet specified objectives, cost and time criteria. In the process of executing the project, processes are controlled under performance management. Risks and opportunities that may arise can be determined in advance by "special team" who follow the project closely to the customer's name. The project team continually improves the efficiency and quality of the process.

  • Import Solutions
    • Today, Denko is making a decent success with its leading role in developing the human resources and new business models it has trained in the logistics sector. Through its portfolio of leading multinational companies and the services it provides to its customers, it is taking steps to achieve brand awareness goals.

  • Storage (Logistics)
    • Warehouse management is one of the largest segments of all logistics activities. The good management of this slice, the feeding of sales points at planned times, the high accuracy of inventory and order preparation are of great importance in terms of lowering logistics cost and therefore product cost. Germany We offer palletizing and storage services in our Agencies located in 48th - 59th - 86th regions.

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Customs Clearance;   

Headquartered in Izmir, with more than 30 years of experience managers and client-focused thinking of a large expert staff and leaders of the customs consulting profession is located. 3 customs consultants and 45 personnel, offers customs consultancy practices in a service structure that makes it easy and clear for its customers. You can make transactions with a single power of attorney at both Izmir and Denizli Customs Offices. 

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