Güler Nakliyat also said Krone

Istanbul-based transportation company Güler Nakliyat has 14 Profi Liner floors, one of the most preferred models of Krone

Krone Profi Liner is an ideal trailer model that offers professional solutions for professional needs.


Operating for 40 years in the logistics sector, Güler Nakliyat has made the choice of trailers from Krone. The company has added 14 Krone Profi Liners for 420 trailer fleet. Profi Liner, which is the most produced product in Krone Tire factory, is designed with high quality serial production parts to the smallest detail. Krone Profi Liner offers professional solutions for professional needs; It stands out as an ideal trailer with its durability, special corrosion protection, suspension fit, chassis and other equipments in perfect harmony.


Krone Turkey CEO Rıza Akgün, Güler Nakliyat company owner Naci Güler, Krone Turkey Regional Sales Manager Cenk Rona, Güler Nakliyat'dan Durmuş Güler and Mahmut Dündar attended the delivery ceremony held in Tire'de Krone production facilities in İzmir. Recalling that they are the only trailer brands that increase their sales and domestic market share in the biggest 4 trailer brands according to Treder's data in 2016, Krone Turkey CEO Rıza Akgün said, "Behind this success lies the fact that our customers are well aware of their needs and always feel that we are there. I am grateful to Güler Nakliyat for choosing to work with us. We will continue to serve Turkey and the Turkish logistics sector with our new investments this year without compromising on our quality. "


Used and after sales


Güler Nakliyat company owner Naci Güler stated that they are very pleased to work with Krone. "We are trying to make our business in the best possible way without sacrificing quality in the transportation sector that we serve for 40 years. Krone is a brand that comes to the fore with durable, robust tools. Second-hand and after-sales service quality is also very important to us. Here, they are producing a very modern production in Tire. I thank all the Krone authorities. "


Krone Profi Liner


Profi Liner, the most talented member of the Krone family, is a true shipping expert. The vehicle with all kinds of load carrying capacity is extremely reliable. The sturdy chassis, steel front wall and rear door make the Krone Profi Liner extremely durable. The Krone Profi Liner with excellent corrosion protection thanks to high quality cataphoresis paint (KTL) and powder coating, has been adapted to the demands of the market in Turkey with the height of the wheel height of 1.150 mm and the chassis height of 102 mm.


Güler Nakliyat


Güler Nakliyat was founded in Istanbul in 1976 by Naci Güler; 620 private car and rental car fleet, 135 thousand square meters indoor and outdoor storage area and 800 staff serve. Headquartered in Istanbul, Güler Nakliyat carries out white goods, automotive, air conditioning and cleaning products with its 12 branches in Turkey. All vehicles used by the company during transportation are environmentally friendly vehicles conforming to Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards and monitored by 7/24 satellite tracking system.