Resolved the issue of Russian Transit Document

On the first agenda of the meeting, the Turkish side and the Russian side shared the problems and difficulties in purchasing driver visas as regards driver visas.
Although the subject was mainly in the field of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Delegations of the Delegation made requests to the transports for the facilitation, acceleration and cheapening of visas given to the drivers.
Apart from this, the authorities of the Turkish and Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will register the proposals of the Turkish and Russian Ministry of Transport and the problems of the carriers for the meeting which will be held by the Turkish and Russian Authorities in May.
According to this; The Russian side suggested that invitations to facilitate the visa should be made easier and faster for Turkish carriers through the Russian Authority in the direction of the system applied to the Georgian carrier. He stated that the intermediaries that caused the visas to become expensive would come out.
The Turkish side, on the other hand, reiterated the demand for the stay of the visa. For visa facilitation, they requested visa issuance on the basis of driver lists to be sent by the Ministry of Transportation without invitation.
The Russian side informed that it was not possible to grant visas without invitation in Russia, and that there had to be an intergovernmental agreement for this.
The issue will be negotiated at the meeting of Foreign Ministry Ministries in May.
The Russian side stated that the quota of the new transit document can not be answered at this stage either, and that the quota of 2012 can be taken as basis and that the remaining figure will be exchanged considering the elapsed time.
 The Turkish side made intensive efforts not to lower the quota of transit documents.
As a result of intensive negotiations, the Russian side agreed to grant 6,000 transit documents.
For the year 2017, the Russian side agreed to give 5,300 normal, 670 frigorific bilateral transit documents to the Turkish side at the end of long negotiations.
The Parties will come back at the end of 2017 to determine the quota for the year 2018 transit.
Transitional Documents will soon be exchanged between the Official Institutions. On the other hand, it is expected that the permit for access to Russian territory will be given on May 22, 2017 due to the transit certificates of the Turkish carriers due to the permanent official holidays on the Russian side. Your association will make all necessary efforts to shorten the questionnaire.
The provision that the transit documents, which former Turkish carriers have had major problems, is valid until 31 January of the following year regarding the validity period has been added to the protocol. In this respect, the transition documents for 2017 are valid until 31 January 2018. It was decided to complete the document exchanges to be held in November.