Another ban on transport from Germany

Details of the application;
45-hour weekly rest according to the blood can not be passed in the vehicle,
Your driver must park near the recreational facilities,
It is reported that the German authorities will not accept the pretense that there is no suitable rest area near the vehicle,
If your Driver is found to have been resting in a place that does not have proper resting facilities, he / she will evaluate that he /
If it is proved that the driver does not perform the weekly rest, the punishment is down;
- 60 euros per hour for driver,
- 180 euros per hour in the section that is missing for the transport company due to follow the law,
There is only a German version for the new law.
The IRU also informed that the information communicated in the flash news was followed in cooperation with the IRU secretariat and the member German Association, and it is stated that information will be provided on common steps taken.